Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Decorating :)

So its got to the time, to finally get on with my room, furniture ordered, and painting to be done.
Colours are chosen and ideas are whizzing around my head.
So very exciting!
Teeney Weeney post today, but ive got sanding ive got to go do! :P
I'll keep you posted x

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Remember, remember....

Ahhhhh.....the crunch of leaves underfoot....the chill in the air... the abundance of leftover Halloween candy. It must be November!
And It is indeed, and some important dates are coming up, so listen and learn, kids ;) :

Firework night - 5th
Remembrance day - 11th
Children in Need somewhere between the 10th - 24th (This years case - 20th)
New Moon released - ALSO the 20th ( :D )

November favorites time!

Iphone 3GS:
Ive had this for a week and 2 days and i'm in LOVE! its surprising how easier its made my life, its everything in one, its a phone, its an ipod, its the internet, its games, its a million and one things in one. And embarrassingly enough I couldn't imagine life without it now ;)

Another fav this month!
I love watching fireworks this time of year, all wrapped up with gloves and a hat, sparklers and a camera, and then going home for a nice cup of hot chocolate and biscuits!

Favorites to Win: Joe and Lloyd!

(Oh my Edward ;) )
I cannot even describe how unprofessionally excited I am about this being released on the 20th.
I count down the days, I'm making sure ive read the first two books again just so I can take note of everything (sadly enough) and ahhh!!!
I'll just stop there..... :P

Obviously an all - the - time favorite ;)
But my teenager crush for him is seriously heightened with the anticipation of New Moon :P
But I shant embarrass myself anymore than this blog already has and zip my mouth.

So thats about it for now... it is only the 8th after all, as always I'll probably think of something later :)

Peace Out!