Sunday, 27 December 2009

December Favorites

Its that time again!
December has whizzed by this year! lack of blogs and before you know it I'm having to write 5 in 2 days to keep everyone up to date with all things 'Me' :-)
So, in this month:

My Iphone;

Yes... i know, this has been in my last 2 favorites even though ive only had it 7 weeks!
But I'm still in love with it, i don't think i'll ever get bored or fed up with it, because there's always new things you can do it, like new applications, new games, and all the accessories you can get for it too! So thats the first on my list again this month!

Iphone/Ipod Headphone's;

Just because...
- They look cool
- Everyone knows you own an Iphone or Ipod
- And they're just amazing

Iphone Apps;

I think every day I'm searching for the newest and 'hottest' apps for my Iphone, and I always end up downloading some, even if its to see what its like, if i don't like it, I delete it, simple.
So, the ones I'm addicted to right now:

- Doodle Jump - Way too addictive, spend most of my free time playing it, seriously, get it! - My score so far is 51905
- Pocket God - Love it!
- 12days - Itunes is giving away free stuff every day for 12 days from 26th - 6th,
- Shaker - Shake the monkey and see how many times you can do it in a set time.
- Bounce Down - Another addictive game that has conquered too many hours of my life.
- Tap Tap Revenge and GaGa revenge - Everyone knows these, just get them haha
Color Splash - Love it!
Vampire Transformer - Loving Twilight, its a must have!
These are the ones at the top of my head, so i've no doubt forgot to mention the main ones lol.


Okay... it cant really be a favorite because its not here yet,
I'm really looking forward to 2010 for a number of reasons.
2009 hasn't been the best year for me, and for a few others i know, so bring on 2010.
Which leads me on to my next 'favorite'

New Years Resolutions;

Every year i try and have some sort of goal for the year, and a few mini ones to help me along the way, but come January 2nd they're out the window.
This year however im determined and im sticking to them because at the end of the year i want to be able to say "i've done all of these things, and man i can see a huge improvement!"


Ive said this before aswell, but im addicted, i post way too many tweets in a day and im pretty sure im starting to annoy my friends when they ask what im doing on my iphone and instead of coming back with a cool name for a game i simply say "tweet tweet"
So for those of you who dont have a twitter account - GET ONE and follow me - LennyMou


I know this is a weird one to put in here, but ive been at my new job for just over 6 months now and I'm so happy there and I'm practically in love with it and I'm sure as hell going to be there forever just because I love it so much.
And for those of you that don't know, I work at Busy Bee's :-)

So thats all for now, again, like I've said in all my other 'favorite' posts, I'll end up editing this a million times because i would have forgot some important favorites :)
But for now that's it

Simone 'Simmy' Molyneux

Well where do i start?!
I LOVE this girl!

There's the soppy "lets write friendship letters and cry about how much we love each other" side to us and the part where we bicker and argue and end up getting jealous about silly little things.
So heres the soppy side of this blog so i can get it over and done with ;-)

To my best friend,

I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing. I wanted to thank you for everything you have ever done for me. You have always been there, and you are always by my side when times get rough. I want to thank you for trusting me, and listening to me when I need you to. I wanted to let you know that everything you do means a lot to me even though it seems as if most of it is trivial and stupid. I wanted to thank you for letting me help you, even though I know that you already know how to do whatever it is that I help you with.

It's only been five, almost six years since I met you, but it seems like its been a lifetime. I never really thought that I would get to know you so well. The beginning wasn't such a great time for us haha. Then I got to know you. I began to see who the real you was. I learned to see the good in people because of you.
And Quite frankly Miss Molyneux i love you! :P

Right.. now thats over
(I never do well with words, and end up sounding like a love sick loser ;) )

Fondest Memories:

- Crying over Bride Wars
- Something happening every time I'm round her house
- Walking through B'HamWood in the early hours of the morning
- Nearly being thrown out of Tesco on numerous occasions
- Dragon Garden!
- Russell Brand & Mighty Boosh
- The light going off when she showed me her dead cat remains! HAHAHAHA!
- Lazy Town
- The field!
- Her throwing the remote and smashing a bowl
- The Chugga Chugga
- Laughing untill we're crying and our sides hurt

There are a million more things, i honestly could go on and on....

i love you SimmyKins ^^

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Can you believe it, It’s over again for another year.

Christmas seems to sneak up on us each year and then within a flash its over.

I've personally had a rather strange Christmas this year, Working with children means that as soon as December 1st hits, the Christmas decorations come out at work, as well as the Christmas stories, songs, activities, CD's and fake snow, So by the time the 25th hits, it’s all one big anti-climax.


This year I think it was really quite good, me and the girls at work had a great Christmas party, and then the children had a visit from Santa and their own Christmas party which was almost as fun as the adult one!

Working on Christmas eve isn't ideal for most people, and I must admit I never like the idea of working on Christmas Eve (even though I didn't last year because I got sent home from my previous job because I had pneumonia) but still...

But this year it was nice, there was hardly any children in, it was nice and relaxed and was full of Christmas spirit whilst we let the children play and watch Christmas movies - Not to mention we have had snow for a week leading up to Christmas which meant we were definitely in for a white Christmas this year which helped the atmosphere :-)

Now I’m sat at home thinking back on the past couple of days and thinking about this year and how much different it felt, not because I’m getting 'old' but because there's some things I’m pretty grateful for this year, which to be honest, as bad as it sounds, I’ve never sat and thought about before.

I've actually watched the people’s reactions to the presents I’ve brought them, and it really is about giving :)

Now don't get me wrong I don't plan on sitting here telling you about the importance of generosity for the next few minutes, I’m simply saying:

Merry Christmas.


I love snow.
So of course when it started snowing on the 18th December i was rather excited at the prospect of having a white christmas this year.
Of course our nursery is open no matter what, which is fine....
Untill i got hit by a car at 8:30 am that very morning.
It was so scary, and very painful - something I don't whish upon anyone, but I thought i should blog about it anyway!
So, the story.....
Whilst making my way into work, i started crossing the road and stopped cause I saw a car coming and I knew I wouldn't get across in time without slipping over, so I stopped and he flashed for me to go so I did but he obviously couldn't stop cause of all the ice so he went straight into me :(
The end!

The Bruises:

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Where does the time go??

Its December allready, how on earth it creeps up on us so slyly baffles us every year!
Ive got xmas cards to post, things to do, and dont even get me started on cristmas shopping!
so much to do, and i'm running out of time!
it definitely is the best part of the year, the sheer happiness and atmosphere of everyone and everything is so lovely and makes everyone so blissful i love it!
I will be posting more blogs as the days go by this month, just to let you know how work, shopping, wrapping and stress levels are coping ;)
Ive been a bit slack recently and i feel bad :(
so sorry guys!