Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Time, Mistletoe & Wine :)

Can you believe it, It’s over again for another year.

Christmas seems to sneak up on us each year and then within a flash its over.

I've personally had a rather strange Christmas this year, Working with children means that as soon as December 1st hits, the Christmas decorations come out at work, as well as the Christmas stories, songs, activities, CD's and fake snow, So by the time the 25th hits, it’s all one big anti-climax.


This year I think it was really quite good, me and the girls at work had a great Christmas party, and then the children had a visit from Santa and their own Christmas party which was almost as fun as the adult one!

Working on Christmas eve isn't ideal for most people, and I must admit I never like the idea of working on Christmas Eve (even though I didn't last year because I got sent home from my previous job because I had pneumonia) but still...

But this year it was nice, there was hardly any children in, it was nice and relaxed and was full of Christmas spirit whilst we let the children play and watch Christmas movies - Not to mention we have had snow for a week leading up to Christmas which meant we were definitely in for a white Christmas this year which helped the atmosphere :-)

Now I’m sat at home thinking back on the past couple of days and thinking about this year and how much different it felt, not because I’m getting 'old' but because there's some things I’m pretty grateful for this year, which to be honest, as bad as it sounds, I’ve never sat and thought about before.

I've actually watched the people’s reactions to the presents I’ve brought them, and it really is about giving :)

Now don't get me wrong I don't plan on sitting here telling you about the importance of generosity for the next few minutes, I’m simply saying:

Merry Christmas.


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