Thursday, 29 October 2009

Fight For This Love.

Cheryl Cole.
Simply Amazing.
Her style, her music, her fashion, her care free attitude to life.
I love it all.
Ive always been a bit of a girly girl with the whole shopping, make up, fashion and boy thing.
But to be honest, i never really liked any particular styles of anyone, its only recently ive started to look at *celebrities* and take note of their style and the things about them that i wish i could somehow incorporate into my life.
Cheryl Cole is such the celebrity.
Her fashion and music is pretty spectacular.
Definitely the new role model for me :-)

Me and Simone were talking about her earlier and its funny how much she's already influenced us in such a short space of time.

Being a girly girl is probably one of the greatest things, us girls get away with allot, and i have a feeling there's allot more girly times to be had.
Girly times - i think so :-)

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Daisies :-)

Such a happy flower.
Don't you think think?
I honestly believe that daisies are the way to make people smile and forget all their troubles.
Its mine anyway :-)
"Daisies represents purity and innocence. There are no negative meanings to it. The meaning of daisies are all positive.
Daisies are the perfect symbol of confessing undying love through its silent but uplifting appearance" - Unknown

One sure way to get to my heart? Daisies :-)

Books are love.

Something I can do for hours at a time. I'm a complete bookworm.
At this very second I'm sitting in my room looking over at my bookcase thinking about what book I'm going to pick up and read for the hundredth time.
Shall I step back in time and fall head over heels for Mr Darcy (again), shall I feel the agony Clare goes through in The Time Traveler's Wife, OR shall I pick up the Twilight Saga and read them through for the millionth time?!
Choices, choices.
Each one allows my imagination to wander and create this little bubble in which i can immerse myself in, and allow the characters world unfold in front of me.
I suppose this is just a little post tonight just about another of my 'hidden pleasures'

Saturday, 24 October 2009

If Only...

"You Have Bewitched Me, Body and Soul, and I Love...I Love... I Love You.
I Never Wish to be Parted from You from This Day On." - Mr Darcy

Pride And Prejudice; Simply the best film ever.
I do love the way everything in that era seemed to be easier, yet so much difficult all the same.
The way they talk, the way they act, and of course, the way everyone seemed to find love.
Yes im on about Love again... But only because this film is probably the best love story of all time.
Everybody wants a Mr Darcy and everyone wants to be as strong minded and independent as Elizabeth Bennet, At least, i know i do.
Countless times have i watched the movie (2005) and ended up with tears in my eyes as you watch the two characters deny their feelings for each other. You end up wanting to scream at the tv.
It takes 2 proposals and allot of denial for Elizabeth to finally see that she loves him.
The final scene's where Elizabeth accepts the proposal, Mr Darcy asks her father for permission, and then as the two celebrate their wedding night (scenes Below) are truly wonderful and always makes me use a whole box of tissues.

*Sigh* Mr Darcy, Where art thou?!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Simple Pleasures.

I have not had a day like today in a LONG time.
Working with children is so rewarding and so lovely, but when they're all in the same room together to celebrate a birthday for another child, they tend to get a little over excited.... which was a little stressful, yet so much fun at the same time as I don't think I've laughed so much ever!
Either way its nice to come home and sit in a comfortable chair, to relax and listen to some music or read.
And while I was just 'sitting' I realized, what is it that we crave most after a hard day?
The comfort of knowing that the days over for another day, or that we're in familiar surroundings which the objects and people that make us happy.
I came to the conclusion that it was the latter.
Some people take material objects for granted. The things that make us happy often go amiss for the things that frustrate us or annoy us.
So here's a little list of the stuff that I'm loving at the moment :)

Hot chocolate - Just because its winter now, and there's nothing better than having a nice hot drink in your PJ's and Slippers.... which brings me onto my next love at the moment....

Uggs & Slippers - So warm! I love my Uggs, I have a couple of pairs and I adore them, and then I have a pair of fluffy/knitted slippers that are made in the same way as Uggs which are amazing for winter and for going with the above :)

My duvet - Mainly for the whole warmth thing, see a pattern emerging?? haha But i do love falling asleep all wrapped up :)

Laptop - Currently addicted to; Farmville, Twitter, Facebook & Blogging! Love.It.

The Thought Of My Iphone - Next friday is my first payday since starting my new job (Yes ive been working nearly 4 months already but I had to make a new bank account, make it go through work and stuff, its been a bit stupid really), and ive been patient enough, and I'm treating myself to the Iphone 3GS. Being unemployed for 6 months at the beginning of the year made me realize that maybe I'm a little bit of a high maintenance girl *blush* but you know.... when you want something, go get it - and I really have thought it through to make sure I definitely want it ;)

My Filofax - Random I know, but I couldn't live without it now. I use it for work, appointments, everything! love it! Ive had it for about a year now, but only recently have I actually started to appreciate it :) AND i did my bit for charity by getting the Tickled Pink Breast Cancer one :)

My Room - Its been re-organized, its all mine, and i LOVE it now. I spend loads of time in there, its all my own space, ive got the biggest bedroom in the house ( ;) ) and its just nice to have everything where I want. Ive still got a few bits on order for the finishing touches, but so far so good :)

Halloween - I cannot wait till next friday and saturday! Friday we're having our Halloween party at work for the children and of course we have to dress up as well - not that I mind ;)
And then there's the actual Halloween day on Saturday and I'm going to the movies with Simone and then to our Ward Halloween party which will be good, I do love this time of year :-)
Think Sweets, Dressing up, Having fun, Getting Scared; What more do you want?! ;-)

So there we have it, these are my 'October Favorites' that I can think of right now, no doubt i'll think of some more the second I hit 'Publish Post' But when i get my phone next friday and think of stuff for November, I can post a 'November Favorites' :-)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Live Life. Live Pink

October = [Tickled] Pink Month.
Pink Month = Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I've got my pink on! Why don't you?? :)
Working with children is a great excuse to hold the 'Tickled Pink Day' but to be honest... everyone can add a little bit of pink to their day.

So get creative, Do something spontanious, and no matter what;

Think Pink


Saturday, 17 October 2009


Do you ever wonder how you got to the place you are in life right now? Maybe your life isn't how you expected it would be at this time. Maybe it's better than you expected, or maybe it's worse. If you think about it, life is really just a series of decisions. Should I do this, or should I do that?

Fair enough some decisions are big (marriage, school, career, children, etc.), and some decisions are small (what should I eat for lunch? What should i do tomorrow?). But even the small decisions can have an impact on the quality of your day, week, and even your life.
Whatever the situation, there is one thing for certain: the choices you have made in your life got you to where you are right now. This may seem like a pretty harsh fact to some people, especially people that like to play the role of the victim and blame everyone but themselves for their problems. But in reality, this fact should be motivating, because it gives you the power to create the life that you want. If you don't like your situation, you can make the decision today to start making better choices for yourself so that you get to where you want to be. The fact is, we all have made decisions that could have been better, so let's learn from our experiences to help achieve the life we want in the future!
There are a lot of things that life hands us that we can't control, but we can control how we handle the situations.
One example i can give is losing your job. We can't help if we get made redundant or get fired, but we can decide to look for another job or get the education we need to do so. Which is what i did. Those 6 months of unemployment were the worst months of my life. But i let it be. When i finally realized it was my fault that i was STILL unemployed i kicked myself in gear and now Ive got the most fantastic job which I ADORE and Im in a better position than I was previously :)

This blog post must seem pretty depressing right now, but its not meant to be. I was just thinking about a friend who has made some tough choices for herself lately and even though it was a very short time ago Im all ready seeing the differences in her, and its making me think about the choices ive made in my life so far, and how perhaps I should use this day and say "enough is enough" and start living the way I want to.
Maybe i should start doing my running again and go back on that stupid diet. Not because of anyone else, but because I want to get healthy. Maybe i should make myself a better person by reading the scriptures more and making sure my testimony is strong. Maybe i should be more grateful for my friends, life is full of 'Maybes' it's our choice to start turning them into "I will"
Some people think that life is easy and everything is meant to happen the way it should happen. Its not that easy. Life is what WE make of it :)
So smile often, Laugh lots, love immensely and make the right choices around YOU. Not anyone else. This is YOUR life. YOU are the leading person in your own life :)

Thursday, 15 October 2009



–noun inspiring or animating action or influence: I cannot write poetry without inspiration.
2.something inspired, as an idea.
3.a result of inspired spoken/written word.
4.person that inspires.

So many ways of being inspired :) And yet it can be really hard to actually act on those influences and do something productive.
I tend to get influenced allot, but only because i have different things that can lead to me being influenced.
Most of the time they come from Music, Television, words and of course Simone.
As my Best Friend, she often inspires me and gives me 'Words of Wisdom',
I don't think she knows it half the time, but she amazes me, and helps me so much i don't think she even knows it :)
It seems like a pretty pointless blog post, but something she said to me once came back to me as i was watching an episode of Greys Anatomy (How cool am i?!)

"At some point, you have to make a decision, Boundaries don't keep other people out, they fence you in. Life is messy, thats how we're made. So you can waste your life drawing lines, or you can live your life crossing them. But there are some lines that are way too dangerous to cross.
Heres what i know, if your willing to throw caution to the wind and take a chance, the view from the other side is spectacular"

Nothing more to say, just wanted to share :) x