Thursday, 29 October 2009

Fight For This Love.

Cheryl Cole.
Simply Amazing.
Her style, her music, her fashion, her care free attitude to life.
I love it all.
Ive always been a bit of a girly girl with the whole shopping, make up, fashion and boy thing.
But to be honest, i never really liked any particular styles of anyone, its only recently ive started to look at *celebrities* and take note of their style and the things about them that i wish i could somehow incorporate into my life.
Cheryl Cole is such the celebrity.
Her fashion and music is pretty spectacular.
Definitely the new role model for me :-)

Me and Simone were talking about her earlier and its funny how much she's already influenced us in such a short space of time.

Being a girly girl is probably one of the greatest things, us girls get away with allot, and i have a feeling there's allot more girly times to be had.
Girly times - i think so :-)


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