Thursday, 22 October 2009

Simple Pleasures.

I have not had a day like today in a LONG time.
Working with children is so rewarding and so lovely, but when they're all in the same room together to celebrate a birthday for another child, they tend to get a little over excited.... which was a little stressful, yet so much fun at the same time as I don't think I've laughed so much ever!
Either way its nice to come home and sit in a comfortable chair, to relax and listen to some music or read.
And while I was just 'sitting' I realized, what is it that we crave most after a hard day?
The comfort of knowing that the days over for another day, or that we're in familiar surroundings which the objects and people that make us happy.
I came to the conclusion that it was the latter.
Some people take material objects for granted. The things that make us happy often go amiss for the things that frustrate us or annoy us.
So here's a little list of the stuff that I'm loving at the moment :)

Hot chocolate - Just because its winter now, and there's nothing better than having a nice hot drink in your PJ's and Slippers.... which brings me onto my next love at the moment....

Uggs & Slippers - So warm! I love my Uggs, I have a couple of pairs and I adore them, and then I have a pair of fluffy/knitted slippers that are made in the same way as Uggs which are amazing for winter and for going with the above :)

My duvet - Mainly for the whole warmth thing, see a pattern emerging?? haha But i do love falling asleep all wrapped up :)

Laptop - Currently addicted to; Farmville, Twitter, Facebook & Blogging! Love.It.

The Thought Of My Iphone - Next friday is my first payday since starting my new job (Yes ive been working nearly 4 months already but I had to make a new bank account, make it go through work and stuff, its been a bit stupid really), and ive been patient enough, and I'm treating myself to the Iphone 3GS. Being unemployed for 6 months at the beginning of the year made me realize that maybe I'm a little bit of a high maintenance girl *blush* but you know.... when you want something, go get it - and I really have thought it through to make sure I definitely want it ;)

My Filofax - Random I know, but I couldn't live without it now. I use it for work, appointments, everything! love it! Ive had it for about a year now, but only recently have I actually started to appreciate it :) AND i did my bit for charity by getting the Tickled Pink Breast Cancer one :)

My Room - Its been re-organized, its all mine, and i LOVE it now. I spend loads of time in there, its all my own space, ive got the biggest bedroom in the house ( ;) ) and its just nice to have everything where I want. Ive still got a few bits on order for the finishing touches, but so far so good :)

Halloween - I cannot wait till next friday and saturday! Friday we're having our Halloween party at work for the children and of course we have to dress up as well - not that I mind ;)
And then there's the actual Halloween day on Saturday and I'm going to the movies with Simone and then to our Ward Halloween party which will be good, I do love this time of year :-)
Think Sweets, Dressing up, Having fun, Getting Scared; What more do you want?! ;-)

So there we have it, these are my 'October Favorites' that I can think of right now, no doubt i'll think of some more the second I hit 'Publish Post' But when i get my phone next friday and think of stuff for November, I can post a 'November Favorites' :-)


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Pleased to see that Filofax gets a mention..


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