Monday, 1 March 2010

Where does the time go?!
I've seriously slacked on this blog, even though I specifically said I wouldn't, but nevermind, everyone gets busy every now and then ;)
So... February, I'm not going to do a feb favorites seeing as its the 1st of March and I'll be doing the March one soon.
A few obsessions right now....


I'm in love with this show, i know its pretty old me saying now... i was going to blog about it the first week it started here in the UK but...hahaha, didn't happen lol

Katy Perry & Timbaland - If We Ever Meet Again
If you haven't heard it, go to youtube right now (GO..!!) and listen to it, it is AMAZING!

And last but not least;

The Vampire Diaries!

Oooh la la, how i ADORE this show... so much that I couldn't wait like a normal person to watch it weekly... no i have to go and watch the whole season on an american channel (because season one has finished there and they are currently waiting for season two) so yeah, I'm ahead of everyone else ;) mwuhahahaa!

But yeah, those are my current fixes at the minute ;)

Hopefully I haven't bored you all silly, I do love blogging, and I really have to step it up a gear, so here's to my blog a week method again :)

Friday, 1 January 2010


It's here!
At last.
2010 has simply got to be the most anticipated year so far for many people, and for many different reasons.
For me, it's because 2008 AND 2009 weren't exactly good years for me, pretty rubbish actually, I could give you a list as long as my arm why, but I dont want to bore you all to tears.
I've decided, as its a nice round number, that 2010 is THE year for me.
Like other years I've made new years resolutions, but this year, im determined.
Now your probably sitting there reading this thinking "sure, shes determined, untill tomorrow...."
But no. I've gone all out this year, at the end of most years im dissapointed, [the last two more than others] So this year, on New Years Eve 2010 I want to sit there and say to myself,
"I've done it, I've accomplished what I wanted to do this year and I'm proud of myself"


Be Happy and Have fun! :)
I'm going to be positive, and I'm not going to let people tell me how to act and what to do.

Finish learning to play the guitar!
I started having lessons, and then stopped... and then started again, and then got a job and stopped, but this year I would like to find another tutor and finish learning so I can start playing my songs :)

Start Saving!
I have a savings account aswell as my normal account, but it currently has only £3.49 in it... great savings huh?!
But this year I'm planning on putting 10% of my wages each month into my savings account so that I can buy my car....
which leads onto my next point :-)

Pass my driving test!
Since I turned 17 I always wanted to drive, but didnt because I didnt have a job, and then when I got a job, I was too caught up in the whole "I'm earning good wages now so I'll learn to drive later and spend now" which was immature and stupid I know, but then I got made redundant and that put end to that.
Anyway, now I'm in an even better job so I can start driving :) I'll be 20 in 5 days (scary!) so I think the times right for me to do that, and then buy my baby car!!!
Smart Car!! eee!! :-)

Love and Be loved :)
Pretty simple one huh
gosh I'm a hopeless romantic :-)

And last but not least, and probably the most important one on my list...

Loose weight.
Enough is enough I'm telling you!
Fair enough they'll be times I slip, but who says I can't have a treat every now and then? ;)
But seriously, I've gone and got myself a swimming pass and everything, and seeing as there's a swimming pool right near my work, its something that I can easily access after work each day :)
And I figured it would give me something to blog about too, like each month I could do an update blog and post a photo of progress like a time lapse which I think would be pretty cool, because I'm a geek like that! haha

But wish me luck! and like I said, I'll keep you all posted - and good luck to all of you and your resolutions! :-)

Happy New Year!