Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ahhh!!! I'm so so bad at this! Considering how much i love writing and blogging, i'm just so terrible at remembering to keep this updated, and was completely horrified to find that my last post was over a year ago! Granted i have another blog i have to keep updated for my photography business, but this was my first blog and i love this baby!

To be honest i do have 9... yes NINE draft posts that i haven't published on here yet! so i will be going through them over the next few days to get those out and then starting on my new stuff, but seriously, i need to keep this going! i love it! so if you see i'm slacking.... tweet/facebook/blog me!
Quick updates though:
  • Just got back from holiday in Cyprus for 2 weeks, and it was possibly 2 of the best weeks of my life!! :-) cannot wait to go back there in November! :-)
  • Men - However much they annoy me, you gotta love them too! (Except one screwy one that has completely made me life a misery for a few months)... but... there's this one guy that makes up for all the other pricks in the world :-) :-D Fingers crossed eh...
  • Work - Still at Busy Bee's, 2 years this weeks!! Cannot believe it!
  • Friends - Really have no idea what i would do without them! Especially the bestie Simone (Link to her blog here)
  • Everything else? It's all going great thanks!
So as i was saying, i will do my upmost to keep this going, who knows, i may even get a few new followers!?
But as of now, that is all :-)
L x